Sunday, 29 April 2012

Welcome To The Mermaids Lagoon

I'm pretty exhausted today, and perhaps a tiny bit hungover if I'm being honest. It was my friends 20th birthday party last night, and we have now been friends for 15 years which is pretty ridiculous, so we felt the need to celebrate! She kicked things off with a "High Seas" themed party (I LOVE themed parties!) so there were pirates and sailors a-plenty! We then headed off to town for the night, to finally arrive home at 3:30am. Looong but amazing night! Here's a few of the shots from our High Sea Adventure!

This was my outfit for the night, I adapted a look I like to wear
occasionally and made it more piratey!

I even had a sword!

Here she is... the birthday girl! Happy 20th Rach! Here's to another 15 years and more!

They put up some cute decorations!

And created some delicious punch! I'm not even going to tell you what was in this but lets just say there was a lot of liquor!

And for those lucky enough, a sea themed surprise!

I hope you guys had as good a Saturday night as I did!

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