Sunday, 1 April 2012

All Of The Lights...

Some friends and I went out last night and headed to the Nightglow part of The Balloons Over Waikato festival. It was held at our University which I live about 30 seconds away from which is handy! We walked over and immediately headed to the rides! We lined up and bought tickets to go on The RoundUp which looked pretty awesome! Then with anticipation we lined up for our ride! 1 hour later and we had missed the hot air balloons completely and were only just getting on! Not entirely worth the money and the wait but the ride was still pretty good. We also managed to catch the fireworks from a pretty good spot though. All in all it was a decent night!
All the lights make it look so exciting!

Waiting in line. Abbie was obviously getting bored

Here come the fireworks

They had some cool coloured ones!
And here is The RoundUp! It does look pretty fun!

Especially when it tips! Eeeep!
I have gone to this event the last 3 years and I have to say it is better when you actually see the balloons. But the rides are pretty cool! Next maybe I will have some photos of the main attraction.


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