Friday, 6 April 2012

Fashion Follies...

So I haven't had much on these last few days, and after my hectic start to the week I am quite glad. So in my boredom I decided to document a little of my fashion in the last few days. I' usually not very adventurous when it comes to my hair and make-up, hair out and eyeliner and mascara is usually it. But I have now decided to get a bit more creative! And on the other hand I tend to go overboard with my clothes and be over-dressed for certain events, but I can't help it! I love clothes too much! So I thought I would share just a little...
Both my dress and my cardigan are op-shop gems!

I got my lacy vest at a market in Sydney and I love it! I also made the necklace myself,
but unfortunately can only wear for short times as I am allergic to some form of metal : /

My fringe was getting a little long so I wanted to pin it up, and I added my cute floral scarf for a chic look!

Finished product!
Now I am a constant fidget-er, so when I'm watching TV or movies at night I tend to get a little crazy unless I'm doing something with my hands, which is why I am constantly painting and repainting my nails. Here's what I experimented with the other night...

The night after that I was fidgety again so I added a little detail. I think it worked quite well, but I won't show you my right hand! I have not mastered using my left hand yet!

Then because its Easter weekend I decided to go a little pink with my eye makeup! Heres what I ended up with! I like it!

And I love how sparkly it looks in this photo!
Thats all for now but I think I will keep this up! I'm a big fan of fashion!


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