Monday, 29 April 2013


Here I am, back again, and with nothing in particular planned for you. Just a bunch of ramblings...

~ I am still slowly trying to transfer everything off my laptop, it is a long and frustrating process! Sometimes I just want to smash it against a wall. But that would be somewhat counter-productive. So I persevere. In hopes that my tech-savvy friend will be able to fix it, and therefore save me pulling $1000 out of my America fund for a new one. So fingers crossed!!

Speaking of America...
That's right!! It is officially under 100 days until I go. I have a countdown on my bedroom door and I am crossing off days and freaking out! I CAN'T WAIT! But at the same time I'm starting to get scared! There is so much to do, most of which I haven't even thought of yet. Argh!

~ I'm currently catching up on Supernatural (my all-time favourite show) and I get sad whenever I see Sams hair. Anyone else the same? He used to be so damn cute, but his hair has totally ruined it for me...

This picture made me laugh so much its ridiculous! It is just so perfect...

But Dean? Perfect as always. *Drool* I would marry that man.

~ I'm craving Mexican food. You probably don't care but I am. How freaking good does this look?

You're Welcome. Just some food porn for your Monday.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Utterly Obsessed...

Now if I were to talk about all of the TV I obsess over on a regular basis, we would be here for years. 

So today I figured I would pick two. Two shows that I, and most everyone else, eagerly tune into each and every week, hanging on to every word.

Number One...
I started this series with the TV show. I got through season one and two, before needing more drama and starting the books. I am now halfway through the third book, which is basically up to date with the TV show. Let me tell you this, Shit gets GOOD! Holy! I cannot get enough of it, whether it's reading the books and getting to know the characters more, reading their thoughts, and understanding little bits and pieces more thoroughly. Or watching the show and drooling over Jon Snow... Am I Right?!
Winter is coming!

Number Two...
This one is a new show and I am loving it! Anyone else watching it? Its dramatic and scandalous, a little scary, and it keeps you guessing. Those that loved Psycho may find it a little strange, being as it's a prequel set in modern times. But somehow the creators make it work! I LOVE it! And another bonus of the show? Drooling over Max Thieriot... (anyone sensing a theme here?)

What shows are you currently obsessed with?

Anyone also watch way too much TV?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

L.O.V.E Equality.

Now I know Marriage Equality is not something that everyone agrees, and I don't set out to offend anyone by posting this, but I wholeheartedly support it. 

I think any two people who love each other, should be able
to make their love legally recognised as a marriage. 

And I have to say I am extremely proud to be a New Zealander right now. 
We may be a small country, but we can still make a difference, and this is a perfect step. 

So my heart is happy. And so are many others who can finally get past the discrimination.
To those who disagree with equality for all, that's fine. You are entitled to your own opinion and I really mean that. It just baffles me a little, that some people think the marriages of others with affect their own.

So congratulations New Zealand. I am Proud.

Friday, 19 April 2013

That Time I Graduated...

I know, I know. It's been quite a while. My Laptop is still on the fritz and its harder to be blog motivated when you are constantly working from other peoples laptops. But I'm back for the moment, as I just had to brag about a pretty huge life event.

I Graduated from University!!! I now officially have a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies.

There I am, rocking that Cap and Gown like nobodies business. It was such a fun day, my family and friends were there, and I felt proud. Proud of what I have managed to accomplish, even though I'm not sure what to do next, or if my Bachelor will be used. I like to think it will, but either way, I made it through a 3 year Degree, with assignments, exams, creative projects and I did well!

So I am patting myself on the back. And to my friends who also graduated this week. 

Congrats kids, we did it!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Off The Face of The Earth...

Whew, It feels like forever since I was last writing up a blog post for all of you.

In reality it hasn't been all that long, but I had a crazy busy Easter weekend, and then my laptop decided to play up and begin the dying process :( but here I am!

This is just a quick update, I will be back with photos and a more detailed look at how much fun I had this weekend! Cause I know your all interested!

So here are some of the highlights.

*Auckland Museum
*Fall Out Boy    (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*Road Trips
*Jazz, Jazz, Jazz

So there you have it, a brief preview for you. Until later my loves!

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