Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A Little Bit Of Comfort...

It is freezing here in Hamilton today! I have a bit of a gap between my classes, and after just finishing a 4 hour workshop (!!!) I definitely need a bit of relaxing time. So I'm sitting in bed watching Game Of Thrones, eating Peanut Butter Chcolate and Chocolate Yogurt and wearing my winter goodies!

P.S Apologies for the below par photos, but I'm having issues with my camera :( and these were taken on my phone (which is unfortunately not an iPhone).

On Sunday night my flatmates and I had a huge roast and some yummy dessert and we sat around the table and had a cute meal. Which is different for us because we usually cook seperately and we don't actually have dining chairs (the life of a student!). We even set up drinks and candles!

So I am going to enjoy my moment of relaxation before I head off to class again at 5pm :( and then get to work on my many assignments I have coming up! I made a colourful reminder, just so I can keep track! 

I hope you can grab a moment of relaxation too!

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