Tuesday, 3 July 2012

On Your Screen...

It's time for On Your Screen again!!
(I'm seriously that excited!)

Life As I Know It

This week I thought I would review one of my favourite TV shows...

The title of the show sometimes puts people of this little comedy gem BUT don't let it fool you!!
The writers regret the name, but I wouldn't want them to change it! It works somehow.
It really has nothing to do with being a cougar, and everything to do with family, friends, life and wine. 
So. Much. Wine.

The characters are what make this show so fantastic! They are each unique and have their quirks that make them so likeable, and they are all sarcastic and snarky in the best possible way. Plus they all insult each other in hilarious ways that keeps it real, and light-hearted.

The show also has a heap of "inside jokes" which make you love it so much more! Things like "PennyCan", and sayings you will find your self integrating into real life... It happens. 

It will also make you want to non-stop drink red wine. Seriously. Look what Jules drinks out of...
First Big Joe, then Big Carl, and now Big Lou. And yes, funerals were held for both the deceased wine glasses. Fantastic!

The writing is also so witty!! Its fast-paced and sarcastic (quite Gilmore Girls meets Friends) and its perfect! Check out Laurie ordering coffee after she changed all the names, she thought they were too confusing before...
I just rewatched this 5, yup count it 5, times while writing this post!

Ok thats all because I have rambled a little. Watch it. Like Now.
Have a great Tuesday and link up below with you TV/Film posts!!


Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

saying hi from the blog hop! (already follow you :)
i'd love for you to say hi over at: lavitaebella-elisabeth.blogspot.com

Brook said...

New follower from the blog hop. Cougar Town is wicked funny. Love Penny Can!

Lisa said...

Found you via the GFC! ^_^ I love, love, LOVE Cougar Town! I wish more people would check it out because it is funnier than shit! I am following it to its new home at TBS or TNT (can't remember which at the moment! >_<).

Sinead said...

penny caaaaan! I have always wanted to play it, but we don't hav pennys in New Zealand :(

Sinead said...

I think its so hilarious!! And Im so following it to TBS (pretty sure its that one)!! Woohoo!

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