Monday, 2 July 2012

es una fiesta mexicana!

I don't know if you can speak Spanish or not...
(I can't, but I can Google translate)

BUT today's post title says "It's a Mexican Party!"

My friend's had a joint 21st party on Saturday and I have finally recovered enough to write a recap post!! 
It was a good night! And here is an onslaught of photos for your enjoyment!

Beer Pong Champs!

 Abby & I
Proof that Abby and I know each other in real life. Sorry about the photo quality!
Celebrating a Beer Pong win!!

Such a fun night!! I love dressing up and partying with my friends! I didn't make it home till 4am so the night was definitely a success! Hope your weekends were just as fantastic as mine!

Te quiero amigos, muchas gracias


Abby said...

Your photos are way better than mine!

Madeleine said...

I've had a mexican party before but I wanna have another one now! Maybe for my 19th? Haha. Such cool colours!
x Maddi / Lapin Coeur

Sinead said...

Haha its so much fun right?! We had margaritas and everything! Thanks for visiting :D

melissa said...

this looks like fun

Sinead said...

It was so much fun! I love dressing up!

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