Thursday, 26 July 2012

If You Really Knew Me...

Hello to all my new fabulous readers!! I have seen this post trend floating around the blogosphere and thought now would be the perfect time to give it a go! And continuing with my "honest blogging" promise I'm going to put it all out there... And I mean really put myself out there. Be nice!

If you really knew me...

- You would know I love to take stupid photos way more than serious posed ones.

-You would know I can be quite quiet until you get to know me, I can be quite shy.

- You would know I LOVE films and TV shows (although you should all know this) and if we like some of the same things I would happily spend hours discussing and quoting them!

- You would know I'm full of big dreams but am pessimistic about fulfilling them. I would love to be an actor or a film editor and am even studying for this at University but I don't believe it will ever happen. 

- You would know I taught myself to play guitar and can often be found mucking around and playing my favourite songs. I have even had a go at writing a few. I'm not the best singer though. Not bad, but not fantastic.

- You would know I am 20 years old and have never had a boyfriend. (this one took a lot of guts to admit) I have been on dates, had crushes, known about guys who have liked me. But never had the opportunity (or the courage) to be in a relationship. Sometimes this worries me, being alone forever type worry, and other times I feel like my time is coming, and its all for a reason.

- You would know I drink a lot of tea and coffee. And I eat way too much junk food.

- You would know I cry really easily. Any sad film, book or TV show. Whenever someone else cries. When I'm stressed. A lot!

- You would know I don't get angry. I get annoyed or I quietly sulk. But I never rage. Maybe I bottle it inside, I'm not sure, maybe I just accept things too easily.

- You would know I love the water, I grew up next to beaches and rivers and pools. I love swimming, but I'm self concious about wearing togs/bathing suits

- You would know I'm kind of a crazy cat lady, I adore my cat Milo, and pretty much all cats like me. I am a cat whisperer.

- You would know I love being adventurous and trying new things but I get terrified before I do them. But I do them anyway! Case and point, the New Zealand famous Zorb!

- You would know my Mum is a breast cancer survivor, one of my idols (the other being Audrey Hepburn) and one of the bravest people I know.

- You would know I am the epitome of a "poor student". I have less than $200 to my name.

- You would know that I am a fidget-er. I tend to do my hair or paint my nails while watching TV or I get too fidgety.

Well there we go. Hopefully my being completely honest didn't scare any of you away, and that you feel like you know me a little better. Its actually quite tough putting some of this out into the blog world so again, be nice :)



rinniez said...

With you on the poor student one!
And don't stress about the no boyfriend thing, im 22 and my only relationship was 3 months in high school haha. I figure make the most out of single life while you are young!

Kathleen said...

We have LOTS of similarities! As I was reading I was going...."ME TOO!" for like every other one! :)

Elly - jazzlipsandtulips said...

Let's just blame no. 6 on the shocking quality of ( single) men in NZ yes ? Xx Elly

SimplyyMayra said...

I too take more stupid pics than serious photos, I enjoy it that way more! BTW, I am loving your new blog banner! Tootles!

~SimplyyMayra ;)

Susanne Kooijman said...

Very fun to read and must be hard to be so honest! Thanks for the post.
And love the nyew lay out of your blog!


luckyno7 said...

so cute!!
check out our blog, maybe we can follow each other? :)

Cocalores said...

What a brave post to write! Loved it - what a great way of getting to know another blogger =) Don't sweat the small stuff, everything will be alright eventually!
xo Anja @

Little Miss Alizzi said...

Stupid pics are always the best! ;)
Cute blog! Your newest follower,

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Loved reading this! Such a brave and fun post. I never had a "real" boyfriend until I met my husband and started dating him at 23. I'm super glad it worked out that way! ;-)

Amanda said...

What a brave post! You're making me feel all inspired!!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on Better Bloggers Network thing.

I loved reading about you! Good for you being brave, there's so many things I sometimes think to myself "Should you REALLY put that out there, Stephanie?" You inspired me to be a little bold.

I'm over at

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