Monday, 11 March 2013

The Written Word...

Since I got my Kindle for my birthday I have been reading up a storm. I find that I find more time to read thanks to the kindle as I tend to take it most places, whereas I would often forget to pack books. But if I am at home with access to a real book, I will always prefer it! I am on fire lately, getting through books quite quickly which I am loving! I'm currently reading both A Clash of Kings and Red Dragon (I tend to have book ADD) and am switching between them when I feel like it.

Here are some of my most

I have to admit I struggled to get through the first book in this series. Not because it wasn't good (it was) but because I made the mistake of watching the TV series before I read the book and it was just so similar. Props to the creators of the show, because Book One follows Season One almost exactly, even most of the dialogue is taken directly from the book. made it a little difficult to stay focused when I knew exactly what would come next. Season Two strays from Book Two a bit more, and I'm enjoying A Clash of Kings a lot more.

Wow. I'm not sure what to say about this book. So uniquely written and with such a touchy subject, Emma Donoghue deserves recognition for that. I found it really easy to read this, I sped through it quickly and was completely drawn in. You really care about the characters and root for their success. It paints such an interesting picture on the horrors of kidnapping, and isolation. Definitely recommend this one!

I'm a sucker for the zombie genre, this book sounded like, and was, an interesting variation of the typical zombie/war novel. A middle aged man documents the zombie apocalypse on his blog as it plays out around him. Interesting concept, and sometimes interesting book, however it didn't quite pull me in as much as I hoped. It was slow moving at the start and occasionally throughout, however certain parts got rather exciting. So depends on your level of interesting in zombies for this one!

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