Friday, 22 March 2013

14 - Peter Clines

The first two thirds of 14 have the makings of a truly fantastic book. It is everything you are looking for in a science fiction thriller. Mysterious apartment building, strange happenings, interesting characters, clues you can try and put together yourself; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love how Clines wrote about the apartment building itself. It was as though the Kavach building was a character in its own right. The way it was described made you feel like it was alive and changing as the story developed, as well as helping or hindering the protagonists along the way.

I also enjoyed the way we slowly learnt little bits and pieces about the inhabitants of the building. As certain apartments were drawn into the mystery, we learnt things about the people who lived in them. And you really got the feeling each little detail was adding to the developing plot. I was completely sucked in.

That is until the last third.

It got weird. Think Lost after too many seasons strange. It seemed to stray far away from the mystery/thriller vibe that it had built up, and focused solely on the science fiction based resolution, I was a bit disappointed. That’s not to say it became badly written or boring, I still enjoyed it, I was just hoping for something a little cleverer or less cliché. It lost the tightly written ‘pull you in’ feel that came before it, and branched out too wide and lost me. The well placed clues and details disappear as soon as we find out the truth.

All in all I would recommend this book to fans of the genres, for the most part it is a really good read, and who knows, you may be a fan of the ending; it just wasn't where I hoped it would go. 
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Victoria said...

it sounds different at least :)

cute blog!

happy friday!

Rachel said...

I totally got what you meant when you said "Lost after too many seasons". I hate when books are good for over half of it then disappoint you in the end. Great review!


jennie said...

Oh BOOO!! What a disappointment after such a build up! The cover is awesome, too, which I know shouldn't really be a consideration but I can't help it. Ha! If there's a bad cover, I rarely pick it up. I guess that makes me superficial? ;)

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Aw that's a bummer that it ended with a cliche :/

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