Tuesday, 12 June 2012

On Your Screen!!

Here we are!! I'm so excited to be writing the first ever post for our new link-up On Your Screen!!!
The Idea is to write a review of a TV show or Film and link up with me or Abby so you can share your views with the rest of us!

Life As I Know It

So without further ado...

The Awakening

I'm a bit iffy with horror/thriller movies... I love watching them, it always seems like a good idea... until I try to go to sleep. That being said, I do watch a lot of them, and most horror films that come out recently are crap.

But surprise surprise...The Awakening was gooood!! It was the perfect mix of creepyness and interesting. You really wanted to keep watching to find out what happened and I seriously didn't guess the twist until it was revealed, which is always a good thing in my book.

In England, 1921, Florence Cathcart is a famous ghost debunker, she visits different places that are apparently haunted, and she exposes the frauds. When she visits an all boys boarding school, said to be haunted by a little boy, she believes it will be just another hoax. However it doesn't go as planned and as mysterious things begin to happen Florence must rethink her views on the undead.

I highly recommend this film! It has brilliant acting, a creepy but beautiful setting (who doesn't enjoy Victorian mansions?!) it has a creepy little boy ghost, and it will keep you guessing the whole way through!

To celebrate our first ever On Your Screen link-up we have a little giveaway organised!! Enter with the rafflecopter below and be in to win a $25 Amazon.com voucher!! Woohoo!

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So link on up and share your film and TV recommendations!! We would love to have you xx


Anonymous said...

I just saw your comment about the link up on better blogger network. Such a cool link up! I really want to watch this movie now and you have a new follower!

Sinead said...

Thanks so much!! Its brand new so hopefully it will get off the ground soon :D

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