Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Blog Star: Hi I'm Sinead

When I saw this link-up planned on Mrs Monologues I thought it was such a fab idea and couldn't wait to link-up!! So here I am :D

I'm Sinead!

I'm a student studying Screen and Media, which basically means I'm a film buff and TV addict. I live in little old New Zealand and I love it here, but I'm ready to spread my wings and move somewhere bigger and busier!

I graduate at the end of this year and I am beyond excited! I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life though which makes me a bit nervous.

I also study theatre and I love to act, sing and dance. I taught myself to play the guitar and its one of my favourite things to do!! I can seriously spend all day playing random songs and singing my favourite tunes (I'm not the worlds best singer though haha)

I love hanging out with my friends, going out and getting fancy, dressing up for costume parties and partying it up!!

I am an amateur photographer and I love attempting to be creative, going on road trips, freaking myself out with my friends and doing silly stuff!

I blog about everything!! What I get up to, things I love, I review books, movies and TV shows, I post photos I have taken, and talk about my life in an un-edited way :D I have met some crazy cool people through blogging and I always love meeting new people!

Happy Blogging


Mrs. Monologues said...

So happy that you decided to link-up. Love that you play the guitar, so cool.

Sinead said...

Thanks!! Its a great link-up!

Liv Kit said...

I blog about just about everything too! :)

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