Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Week That Was...

Monday: Monday also means Uni for me. I pretty much have class all day. It was a pretty boring day to be honest. But I did start working on another assignment (boo!) and start reading Fifty Shades Of my review here

Tuesday: Today I was supposed to be screening a draft of my film with my group in class BUT our file crapped out and it didn't play! So we spent the afternoon in the editing suite trying to figure out what went wrong and fixing things up as we went. So much time and effort. But luckily for me I got to go see The Avengers again!! This time we went to a different cinema and my goodness it was flash!! Super super fancy! We will definitely be making this our regular theatre spot!

Wednesday: Ummm, crap. I swore to myself I would start writing this stuff down, but clearly I'm useless at keeping track of things. I had class, aaaaand, nothing. I can't remember. Oh except my lovely friend Callie came round for dinner. I was supposed to be cooking for her, but she ended up making delicious rice risotto  and chicken. With brownie for dessert. We caught up, played guitar together and relaxed. A good night!
Here we are at the Bryant Hall Ball
(our college dorm)
Thursday: My day off! Woohoo! I finally got my camera back today (after stupidly leaving it in Tauranga) which made me happy! I went for a long walk around my suburb, listening to my iPod and enjoying the "me time". And of course I did a little work *erm* sort of...

Friday: Firday was full of meetings for me. A little bit of filming in the morning, a meeting with everyone in one of my papers, then another small meeting with my group. After they all finished I was sick of sitting around so in a random burst of energy I decided to go for a run (which is crazy for me, I hate running!) It ended up being a run/walk that got cut off when it started pouring with rain. But still I got some exercise in, then I arrive home to find my flatmates heading to Zumba. Now I LOVE Zumba, I have been going on and off for 3 years now so of course I go with them... Needless to say I was sore on Saturday!

Saturday: Like I said, SORE. I felt like I should have done something exciting , it being Saturday and all, but lots of my friends had gone away for the weekend, my  legs were sore and it was raining. So I lazed around doing homework, writing a little of my novel and watching Criminal Minds. And perving at my favourite character, the adorable Spencer Reid

Sunday: Today I spent the morning in bed watching a horror movie, I went for a walk and took these gorgeous photos, I did some work on my assignment and met with a friend to work on a group one. I then watched my all-time favourite movie School Of Rock with my flatmates. Seriously, its HILARIOUS! I can quote the entire film with my sister!


Hope you all had lovely weeks

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