Thursday, 24 May 2012

All About Me... A Dash Of Style

I'm not exactly a fashion blog but I have been taking photos of some of my favourite outfits I've worn recently, and I thought this would be a good time to show them off!

I'm not going to say where everythings from like I should because a lot of its thrifted, and the other I probably don't remember (or its a little NZ chain store) But if you want to know, just flick me an email and I will endeavour to fill you in!

I love this dress! The flowery pattern is adorable, and I love the cutout back! Plus how cute are my shoes?!
This is my favourite blouse! I love the lace detailing. And my patterned tights are amazing!
My newest find! I love everything about this dress, the flowers, the collar, the little sleeves!
A flowery blouse and my lilac cardigan. Plus casual, comfy jeans!
Maybe I will post about my style more often. Although I am currently too poor for new clothes (I know! Kill me now!) so we shall see... What do ya think?

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