Thursday, 17 May 2012

Avengers Baby!

In my World Media class the other day, my lecturer was telling us he sees a film at the cinema at least once a week, meaning he watches over 52 films at the cinema each year! My goodness I wish I could do this! However being the poor student that I am I'm lucky if I get to see 10 in a year.

So far this year I have been and watched Young Adult, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games aaaaaaaaaaand now I can add The Avengers to that list!! And as promised here is my film review...

Not to jump on the bandwagon with the masses but I LOVED it!! I had previously seen Thor, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk (but not Ironman) so I knew most of the back stories for what was happening, but I was happy to realise you didn't need to have seen the others to understand the film itself.

It started off introducing each character, their little plot points and their super powers, I particularly enjoyed the introduction of Captain America (hello Chris Evans bum!) and it went over the reasons behind Loki's evil plans. You then dive straight in! There's action from the get-go, car chases, explosions and all that good stuff you expect from an action comic book film. But what stood out to me the most was the humour through-out the film. It was hilarious! Captain America's cluelessness about the modern was adorable, everything Thor says is hilarious and I began to appreciate Tony Stark and I definately need to watch the Ironmans now! Even The Hulk (who in my opinion is a pretty useless superhero) was funny! My all-time favourite clip was him throwing Loki around like a ragdoll! Hilarious! Watch a very dramatic, no-dialogue version here

I love how they put together the superheros to make them The Avengers, at the beginning each of the superheros were a bit wary of each other, which you would be in you were lumped together with all these other legends! There was argueing and insults which was good for the audience, funny stuff! Then of course they begin to work together and they end up saving each other and making me feel all warm and fuzzy (and fan-girling over my fav comic-book characters interacting with each other! I am afterall a bit of a geek!)

Trust me and go see this film if you haven't already (which seems unlikely considering how much money they made) you will love it! Even if you haven't seen the background films, this will inspire you to watch them!

I'm off to re-watch the character films and remind myself of the magic that was The Avengers!

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