Friday, 25 May 2012

Getting My Design On...

Hey Lovelies!
As you may have noticed I have got my design on and made myself a little banner for my blog!
I love it! Buuuut I had a one other option that I really liked and I thought I would show it to you anyways.
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your feedback!

I'm also currently designing one for my friend Abby at her adorable blog Only Impossible Untill Done 
So when I have finished I will show ya! 

p.s If you want me to design you one I can give it a go! For free as well! Which means if you don't like it, its no harm done!


Natasha said...

Hi Sinead! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!

Your headers are adorable! I think I prefer the one that you have up, just because the individual letters are a bit easier to read. So cute!

So nice to meet you :)

lissa said...

I think I like this version better,only because it has more color . the white in the now header is fine but I think it's just too plain. this one with the color background is more interesting, though you might want to change the font as it is not quite as readable as the white version.

Sinead said...

No problem! Your blog is so cute! And yea I think the letters are way better in the one I picked! Thanks :D

You too!

Sinead said...

Thanks for the input! I agree about the white space. I added a bit of a background so it has more colour now. What do you think? I love the feedback!

lissa said...

looks good!

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