Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Week That Was...

Monday: Urgh, Monday = Class! Not fun! I was in class all morning and was supposed to be in class all afternoon as well BUT I bailed and went on an exciting road trip with some friends for a super important meeting! Its extremely exciting you guys so read all about it here!

Tuesday: Tuesday was a little boring after the excitement of Mondays trip, I had class in the morning where my project group and I got a lot of planning done. We have to make a short film which is always fun! Downside is I then have to be in it :/ I hate being the actor and the editor, it makes it very difficult to edit when its you in the shot! Oh! And I finally saw the Avengers, and of course it was fab... read all about my thoughts in my review!

Wednesday: Today was filming day! We spent the whole afternoon filming in a graveyard in the rain! I got absolutely soaked but filming is always fun so it was worth it!

I'm obviously taking the whole thing very seriously!

All photos are courtesy of Abby! She got a little snap happy while we were out and about!

Thursday: Hmmm Thursday, I honestly can't remember if I did anything or not, I should start writing this stuff down. I didn't have class so chances are I sat around playing guitar and watching Smallville. I went for a walk while it was sunny outside but it was like walking through a freezer so it didn't last long!

Friday: More Uni work, a meeting for a different project that is always slow and painful! Then more filming, this time however wasn't outside and it didn't go as well. We will probably re-film at some point but we just needed some shots to show in class next week. I then did some super quick editing to end up with a draft of the film! Its looking pretty good! My friend Rachel and I then watched 21 Jump Street, which is pretty hilarious!

Saturday: Fun, fun day but a ridiculous amount of junk food was consumed! I spent the afternoon watching both Ironman movies with friends, I hadn't seen them before I saw Avengers so I needed to see them! And because I was home alone for the night, and so was Rachel we decided the only thing to do was watch horror movies and freak ourselves out! Yay! Also this song has been playing in my head since Saturday night when we watched the Supernatural season finale and it blew my mind! This is my favourite show ever!

Sunday: Which brings us to today... It is unbelievably freezing today! Like living in ice! I have spent it huddled up with my guitar, attempting to play whilst wearing woolly gloves (heads up, its very difficult!) and watching Smallville again (I'm seriously addicted! I'm watching it through for the 3rd time!) The I got my geek on and played Spyro on playstation for the remainder of the evening! A very relaxing day for meeee



Jess said...

Ive still got like 10 episodes of Supernatural to watch for this season, but everytme i hear this song I have to think of it!

Sinead said...

I love it so much! Its one of my main obsessions haha

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