Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Week That Was...

A quick recap of my week...

Monday: I was freaking out pretty much all day on Monday, I had a job interview after classes and I was pretty nervous, it ended up going fine but I knew I wasn't going to get the job because I don't have any experience and this is an extremely annoying pre-requisite. But never mind, I got to watch an awesome Spanish film in class afterwards, you should check out Familia Rodante

Tuesday: My morning class was cancelled! So I got to sleep in, I then spent the whole day finishing off my project that was due at 5, I'm so glad its over! It was quite a difficult project and I'm glad to be rid of it!

Wednesday: Again more Uni work today, I had a presentation to do in the morning which I think went quite well, I'm not too fond of public speaking but my class is quite small and my theory is to fake it till you make it! I think I pulled it off. I then spent the rest of the day relaing and reading my book.

Thursday: I had quite a hilarious day Thursday. My flatmate hosted and Oxfam Coffee Break so our house was pretty crowed, I ended up drinking 3 or 4 cups of rather strong coffee while chatting to everyone so the rest of the afternoon was pretty hilarious! I then crashed and watched The Descendants at a friends.

Friday: I got to go home!! My friend and I road tripped down to sunny Tauranga for the weekend for mothers day (plus I needed to do laundry and access a printer). It was good to be home and I spent the night watching Idol with my mum and eating some delicious falafel burgers!

Sunny Tauranga! So much nicer than cold, grey Hamilton!

Saturday: Saturday involved shopping with my family, hanging out with my cat, doing 3 loads of washing, and having extended family over for dinner!

Sunday: We had a pretty relaxed mothers day today, it was raining so instead of going walking like my mum wanted we went around to my nanas for lunch. Then it was unfortunately time for me to head back to Uni :( back in freezing cold hamilton with class again tomorrow. And I left my camera at home :( so I will be without it for a week or so. Ugh.

Something pretty exciting is happening tomorrow afternoon and I will fill you in on everything that happens afterwards. Lets just say it involves what I will hopefully be doing next year!

Hope you enjoyed your weeks, here's to the week to come.


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