Monday, 1 July 2013


When my old laptop died, I lost almost all my music. 

I was able to save the 8gb hosted on my iPod, but I had almost 17gb of music on my iTunes. Talk about a dagger to the heart. I had spent years building up that music collection, and while I may not have listened to everything that was there, I still hated losing it.

But in the end it has been somewhat of a blessing. I have really enjoyed getting a whole lot of new music, cleansing my iTunes of things I no longer listen to, and building up a new collection. It has actually been quite fun.

Here are some of the songs I currently have on repeat...

(I am in love with the new FOB album, 15 year old me is very very happy)

What Songs are you Loving right now?


Marlee W said...

The Writer has got to be my favourite Ellie Goulding song!

Julie @ A Simply Sweet Blog said...

Saw your best post on Classy Living. You had me at 'I like to sleep" haha. Following along - can't wait to hear about your disney adventure! Good luck!!

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