Monday, 15 July 2013

Farewell Cash Monies...

So we have officially reached freak out level on the countdown. 19 days now.

You Guys!! What is going on?!

I finally paid for my medical insurance the other day, after putting it off for weeks. Damn America, why does being medically insured have to be so expensive?! I ended up paying around $1500 for 12 months coverage. And if I'm not even entirely sure what I'm covered for. We had three options to choose from, nothing in the plan descriptions made any sense to me. So I picked the middle option so I will be middle-y covered. Seems legit right?
piggy bank
Either way I am feeling significantly poorer. Poor piggy bank. And I only have one more pay day from work! Bummer.

But look at this face. How can I be bummed when this is coming my way?
Tons of Disney party ideas, printables, cute cupcakes etc.

*19 days loves*

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Kate - Classy Living said...

It's funny - every time I travel outside of the US and talk to people from other countries, they are always so perplexed about our health care system! I think Americans get the short end of the stick, though, because it seems like other places have medical stuff figured out WAY more efficiently than we do!

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