Friday, 26 July 2013

Bits & Pieces

So we have hit single digits. And I'm starting to freak out. 

9 days to go.

Not necessarily because I'm leaving in 9 days, but because I only have 9 days left to do what feels like a hundred things. 

Today is my last day at work, so I'm looking forward to that being over. I do quite enjoy working in retail, most of the time, and I love trying on our sunglasses whenever its quiet. But the issue is, it's quiet pretty much all the time, our shop is tiny, and we don't have room for a seat. Which means tonight I get to stand for 7 hours attempting to convince people to buy sunglasses in the middle of winter. Fun times right?

Saturday I have a leaving lunch with my dads side of the family, and then my leaving party that night with my friends. I'm really excited about it! Most of my friends live in different cities for University, so we don't get to hang out too often, and obviously now I won't see them for over a year :(

After that is a week of getting ready. I still have a few things left to do, maybe not a hundred, but it sure feels like it sometimes. I need to

  • Sort out my money. Organise my travel card, and exchange cash
  • Find and organise all my documents. We need a whole bunch of forms to be let into the country, so it might be time for me to find them all...
  • Pack. How am I supposed to pack a years worth of things into one suitcase? And I know I will be buying lots of things over there, but I still need to bring a huge amount of stuff with me. What a mission.
  • Buy last minute bits and pieces
  • Pack up my room. So my left behind things are not exploding all over the room as they currently are
  • Freak out and have about 500 heart attacks... Yip.
  • Vlog? I'm still psyching myself up into doing my very first vlog for you guys. Just introducing my real-life self, and talking a bit about the Disney program before I'm off on the whirlwind adventure. What do you think? Would you be keen for me to buck up and make one?
Whelp, I'm off to work now. Here's hoping I sell a bunch of sunnies on my last day :D
Byee for now my loves.


Marlee W said...

I'm so excited for you! It's going to be an amazing experience. You should definitely vlog!

Marlee xx

Kate - Classy Living said...

YES to the vlog!!! And when you make it, can you please say your name so I know how to pronounce it? :) :)

Eeeek I can't believe Disney is so close! You're going to have a blast!

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