Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Little Goodbye...

Saturday night was mine and Rachel's leaving party. We had a fabulous night with all our friends from high school, and I only got a tiny bit emotional when it came to saying goodbye (I swear). 
It was the best thing ever hanging out with all these ladies after quite a long time apart. I still can't quite believe it was the last time I will see some of them for over a year. Lucky for me a few of them are coming to the airport! 

We decided the party would have a "No Cups" theme. Which basically meant you couldn't drink out of anything that was a cup, bottle, or official alcohol dispenser. We encouraged everyone to get creative...

Which resulted in this
Me and my little sister Deahn. And our vessels a gumboot and a VCR case.

Some of the gang. I rocked that bow all night long!

One if my besties. Love you Mermaid!

We discovered Lauren's vessel had other uses.

We feasted on USA themed cupcakes all night.

Beer Pong was the only exception to the no cups rule!

All in all it was the best leaving party a girl could ask for. And in 4 short days I will be flying away and leaving them all behind. Thank goodness I have Rachel coming with me, or I think I would be ready to stay behind! Friends are such an important part of life, and I know when I get back in a year, everything will have changed, but nothing will have changed. I love these guys.


Liz(a) said...

That looks like an awesomely adorable party, and it looks like a lot of fun was had! The "No Cups" rule is really a unique twist. :p

Ebone @ California Bluebell said...

Love the idea of the no-cups! And I'm gonna need to borrow your minnie mouse headband... for forever

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