Thursday, 27 June 2013

World Famous in New Zealand...

A few weeks ago I became a stalker.

Albeit a semi-unsuccessful one, but still.

I got a txt in the morning from a guy who is here for a four week placement from England. The txt read "Apparently the All Blacks are at the Mount for training, want to stalk them with me?" 

For those of you who don't know(aka no one out of NZ or Australia), the All Blacks are our rugby team, and they are a pretty huge deal in NZ, we are obsessed. So naturally I said sure thing. We really did not plan out our stalking, in retrospect we should have done more research, maybe found out exactly where they were going to be. Instead we drove around aimlessly for a while, peering onto rugby fields at the of chance they were training there. We walked up and down the beach for a bit, you know, just in case. Then we gave up and grabbed a coffee instead. 

We had been at the Mount about four hours now, so we decided to give up and go pick up my sister from work. As we were leaving, I suggested we do a quick drive by of the beach as one last attempt to stalk. So we did, and guess who was casually doing stretches on the beach. The All Blacks! So we awkwardly hovered until they had finished their training, then got some photos with our favourites...

Piri Weepu

Aaron Cruden

(I obviously took this photo. Which in retrospect I regret. It is Dan Carter after all, shoulda found a random)

And there it is. Our excitement over meeting some famous (in New Zealand) people.

It was pretty enjoyable, and if I do say so myself, I may have a career ahead of me as a professional stalker...

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thecottagediaries said...

So cool! But who passes up a photo op with Dan? Bet you're kicking yourself now.


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