Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was a mix of excitement and exercise. Its started off with a fabulous wedding.

My friend from High School Christine got married to her love Jacob in a gorgeous ceremony at their church. It was beautiful and there were a few teary moments (mainly when Jacob sang her a song) and it was good to see some of my friends again. It really was a lovely day.

Sunday then brought a day of exercising. Over my two years flatting I ate extremely unhealthily, I was cooking for just me, and I'm not very good at cooking in the first place. So frozen meals and oven-fry chips were a lot easier for me. 

Now I am paying for it. I can't quite fit my old jeans. I'm not comfortable wearing shorts out of the house. So I'm changing things. Luckily for me my mum is already a bit of a health nut, so eating healthy should be quite easy. The exercising part I am taking into my own hands. I have been walking, doing pilates with friends, and doing TV workouts that make exercising much more fun! I also plan to start running as I want to do the Colour Run while I am in Orlando next year! So it's all go around here! You guys need to hold me accountable ok?

I'm still busy looking for a job, but I'm also taking time to relax and enjoy the end of university. Its important to slow things down sometimes, right? Enjoy your weeks :) Do you have anything exciting coming up?


Anonymous said...

oh wow the bride was stunning! Very nice wedding. I love attending weddings :) Or reading about them.

thecottagediaries said...

Congrats on finishing uni, I had my last exam for the year today and it feels so good! Now to join in the job hunt..


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