Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Disney Update...

Hey lovelies!

I am settled back into my room in Tauranga and I am loving it! Not having to cook for myself, not having to do all my own laundry! Its fantastic, although I obviously help out around the house, I'm not doing everything by myself and its great!

I also have a bit of a Disney update! I finally got my new passport (after missing the courier) which I am going to scan tomorrow at my nanas (our printers broken :(  ) so I can then email it to Disney!! One more thing checked off my list!
I also ran around like a crazy person at university the other day trying to get a letter stating I was graduating at the end of the year, apparently no one knew what to do, or if they were able to do it as not all my marks are in yet, it was ridiculous! But I got one, and hopefully its acceptable, otherwise I will have to wait until my marks are actually in.

But it does mean I am that much closer to my Disney dream!! Woohoo!

I completed another blog design yesterday, and I am so excited about it! It might be my favourite one yet!

Visit SineadElle Designs to check out my portfolio if you are thinking of giving your blog a makeover!


Kylie Kreikemeier said...

newest follower from the GFC hop! cant wait to hear from you!!

xoxo - kyie

Kaylee Gwyn said...

You'll love working at Disney!!! I live in Orlando and love the theme pars. I worked over at Universal recently and it is a blast working in such a fun atmosphere!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Are you going to work for Disney?

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