Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bon Voyage and All That Jazz x

Today is a very exciting but also quite sad day for me. 

My friend and old flatmate Abbie is finally off to start her year long adventure. 
You all know about my Disney plans because I squeal and go on about it so often (I'm excited, so sue me!) but Abbie is heading off first to do the same thing!

Today she will spend over 12 hours on a plane heading from New Zealand's fabulous summer, to the middle of winter in America (although I'm not sure Florida knows this) and will be finding her place at the Happiest Place on Earth! There are 212 days (according to my gadget) until I am jetting off to join her, and I am sad for me, but beyond excited for her!!

We had a leaving party for her on Friday night and it was a great chance to catch up and squeal over the trip before she leaves. There were Disney cupcakes, Chinese lanterns, fireworks and a bunch of pink drinks, making it a perfect night for a Disney send-off!

We will miss you Abbie!! You are obviously going to have the BEST TIME EVER! Experience and enjoy, and I will see you in 212 days missy! xx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is so cool!

I'm from Florida and I loved it when I went to Disney and saw all the places from around the world that people were from!!

So excited for you too!!


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