Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I Love Birthdays!

Finally getting around to planning my birthday dinner, I have been fairly busy with the holidays recently. What with going to the beach, having movie nights, crafting for Parachute and baking I have put off planning anything. But now the plans are in motion and a pot luck dinner is on!

Its finally getting to the end of the holidays (sort of) and I'm attempting to get organised Uni wise, Flat wise, and Studylink wise. This year I only know one of my flatmates and the other 3 girls are random, but they seem really nice so I think this year will end up being fun! My friends are living in the house just down the road as well so it should make for some fun parties.

I'm picking out my camera tomorrow, I thought I had decided on one but now I have found some other really good ones. I think my issue is that they are all so pretty! But definitely glad it will be a birthday present, I would not be able to afford it otherwise!

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