Sunday, 22 January 2012

Everything Has to Have a Beginning...

I have honestly been sitting in front of my computer for the past 2 hours thinking about what I am going to say in my very first post. Instead of being super creative and poetic, I was reading pages and pages of other people's creative and poetic posts. So I have decided that poetic is not really my thing. Instead I am going to write purely about the things that happen to me, the things I love and the people who inspire me.

My name is Sinead, I am 19 years old and I live in New Zealand. I am a University student studying Screen Media and Theatre, this sort of hints at the things I'm obsessed with...

I have always watched way too many movies and too much television, and now studying it is my excuse to watch more! But trust me, its not always a good thing. I can't tell you how many times I have noticed a strange camera angle, or a really bad editing sequence and have found it ruins the whole scene for me. The same goes with acting hehe, I find myself watching someone in a scene and screaming 'what are you doing?! That's not the right emotion, I could do that so much better!' This is however, probably not the case.

This post will eventually be accompanied by pictures I have taken of little things I notice, or exciting events, however there will be a waiting period, because as of yet I do not own a camera. BUT it is my birthday in exactly 2 weeks and I am convincing my parents to buy me one :) I would have purchased one a long time ago but I am the epitome of the 'poor student' stereotype so this was not an option.

For now I will leave you with this,
My life is in no way exciting; I'm poor, I'm unemployed, I'm a 19 year old with braces, I'm secretly a huge geek (more on this later), and I have never been in love. But I have amazing friends, I thoroughly enjoy my studies (most of the time), I make time for my family, and I find excitement in the smallest of things!

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