Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm Back!

Ahh Finally!! The reason I haven't posted in weeks is I haven't been able to access this page!! But now I finally can! Woohoo! Over the past few weeks I have signed off on my flat, celebrated my 20th birthday, completed a long gorge walk, had a house warming party that involved wearing a bright purple wig, visited lots of people! said goodbye to one of my best friends for an entire year :O watched Rocky Horror in the Hamilton Gardens, had a Saw Movie marathon on valentines day, and sorted out my finances for next year (sort of).

Unfortunately I haven't been able to post any photos yet because I only have the internet on the family computer and I am far too lazy to transfer them onto it, but in less than a week I will be moved into my new flat with wireless (FINALLY) and I will upload lots!

As I mentioned above I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends a week ago as she moved to India for a year!!! Which is so unbelievably crazy but exciting! I am going to miss her so much but she is doing such an amazing thing! She is volunteering at a company called Freeset. Check out her blog because it is amazing!

That is all for now, but I promise (myself mainly, because I'm pretty sure no one else is reading!) that I will post more regularly


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Abby said...

I'm reading :)

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