Thursday, 26 January 2012

Had a fairly busy couple of days, I played indoor netball on tuesday night for my mums team which was awesome cause I haven't played in so long! Then Wednesday I spent most of the day at my friend Alanna's helping her make crafts to sell at her stall Chaos & Colour at Parachute this weekend. I spent most of the time making cute bunting flags out of atlases, they are completely adorable! Then I was off to my dad's house for the night where I endured hours of breaking down Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone to a 4 year old. Now I love Harry Potter as much the next girl, probably more to be honest, I'm fairly obsessed. But there is only so many times you can explain Voldemort was Quirrells second face because he was a baddy who wanted the stone to get a new body.

As I said before, Parachute is this weekend and I am extremely depressed that I will not be there :( Relient K and The Rocket Summer will be playing and I love these bands but I am just too poor to go! And of course my sister is going, just to rub it in my face :/ Fingers crossed the bands love New Zealand so much that they come back for their own shows, but only when I have more money. On the brightside, I am going to Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine this year, which will be super exciting!!

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