Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Little Christmas Cheer

I have been finding myself in a somewhat lackluster Christmas mood. Which for me is a bit of a concern. I LOVE Christmas! It is my all-time favourite holiday, and just about my favourite time of the year. However this year isn't quite as exciting for some reason. Maybe it really is true that as you get older, Christmas gets less fun.

I hope not.

So to cheer myself up and get in the holiday mood I plan to watch as many Christmas movies as I can before the big day itself. I will pull out my old favourites and try watch some new ones. There are definitely plenty of them!!

Here are a few that I love to watch every holiday season...

The Nightmare Before Christmas
One of my all-time favourites!!

Home Alone
Oh Home Alone! Good times! And I actually enjoy all the films, even after the kid changed.

The Santa Clause
This one can be super annoying but I feel like its not Christmas unless I have watched them!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Jim Carrey's best role and such a cute film! I love watching this one and singing along!

Love Actually
Gotta watch this one each year, its tradition!

So what are your favourite holiday films? Are they all Christmas movies, or a slightly different tradition?


Al said...

Love them all!!! I haven't been very Christmasy this year, but watching the Polar Express as I type and hoping the spirit catches...

Merry Christmas, love.

Dara said...

I watched Home Alone recently at the gym - never fails to crack me up!

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