Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Story of My Life...

So I have jumped on the bandwagon.

But I'm not going to kid myself, or lie to you.
We all know I'm not going to post every day of May as Jenni suggested. But I will participate in some of the challenges. I'm going to pick and choose. 

Cause I'm a rebel like that.

But here we go with Day One... The Story of My Life in 250 words or less. (It's less. I got bored...)

circa 2011

Born February 5th 1992 in Sydney, Australia. Sunshine, family, younger sister and brother. Then New Zealand from age 5 onwards. Growing up, 90's kid, great friends, fun times, movie nights, picnics, music, drama, theatre, parents divorce, late nights, soft toys, parties, beaches, sleepovers, road trips, pizza nights, insecurities, dress ups, warm beds, family, reading, learning guitar, kickboxing, netball, Zumba, flatting, braces at 21, alcohol, coffee, winter, chocolate, red lips, laughing, sleeping in,  and so much more. Moved cities, away from home. Grew up some (not too much). Graduated University with a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies. Dreams of acting in or making films, in the meantime watching way too much TV and too many movies. Big dreamer. Big heart. Shy persona. I have never been in love. I am a hopeless romantic. Leaving the security of my small country to live and work at Walt Disney World in Florida. Big excitement. Big fears. Feels like I'm waiting for my life to begin, though I know I have a lot I'm leaving behind. All in all... Happy.


Cheriese said...

Oh wow, this is such a beautiful post! Love it, will definitely have to do this! xx

aimymichelle said...

yeah i'm not gonna do every post either. i tried to get into the mindset that i would. but most of the subjects i just have nothing to say about.

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