Thursday, 11 October 2012

SineadElle Designs... Help?!

Hey Guys!

So I have been working with a few of the people who took advantage of my Free Blog Design deal, in order for me to build up my portfolio. And I am loving it! I love being able to get to know other bloggers and design them gorgeous blogs!

I just finished working with Kate from Classy Living on her blog design, which was so great as we have been bloggy friends since we both began blogging! We created a cute, pastel  and pretty design which I am super happy with!
Once I have finished working with the eight or so girls who contacted me, I am going to begin to charge for my design services. Mainly because all the money I make will go into my Disney fund, helping to me to get to Florida for my Disney ICP in August 2013.

But I don't want to charge you all ridiculous amounts of money like some designers out there. I want to have cheap prices so even up and coming bloggers, or those of us who are strapped for cash can have a blog design that suits them and their needs.

So that's where you guys come in. I want to know what you think are reasonable prices for me to charge for custom designs? What would you be willing to pay? Please let me know, as I am umming and ahhing about it, and I really have no idea at this stage.

I have created an official blog for SineadElle Designs so go over and take a look, and tell me what you think! I could really use your help :)



Kiki said...

I'm not sure what a good fee would be, but I know I'd be interested depending! I don't want to give you a number, because my number would be cheap so I could use it. I would say look at some other web designers and check their prices, and maybe email a few of them to see how their prices changed from starting to later on with bigger business. And if you ever need just one more free consult... :)

Hima said...

I'm absolutely in LOVE with that design! You're amazing, Sinead! I don't know much about design, so I can't really say anything, but good luck!


Yelle said...

I think that was so great of you to build your portfolio! As for prices, you might want to take a look at others because even I don't know what a beginner price quote should be. Just don't sell yourself short!

Monica said...

You're designs are awesome and I love what you have done with this space! Best of luck on your blog designs and glad to be following you now. xx

JEsika said...

I really missed out didn't i .. .?! The design is beautiful! I JUUUUUST found you on this weekends Bloghop from "Life in a Break Down" ... . I wish you luck with pricing! This weekend I'm co-hosting my very first hlog hop! I hope you have a second to stop by!
Have a BEAUTIFUL Weekend!

Emily said...

The one reason I think a lot of designers have higher prices is because of all the time and energy that actually goes into designing, adjusting, and coding a design. Sometimes a design alone can take several full days to complete. Make sure when pricing your work you account for your time. This is why I don't post prices. I access requests and based on how much time I think it will take me - I can properly price out the design. You might want to consider a few packages. Good luck and your designs do look great.

Anonymous said...


Good luck and have fun with your designs. I am loving the blog design that you did with your friend's blog.

I found your blog on the blog hop. I'm a new follower! :)

Rushing for Bagels

Sabz said...

great design! good luck with that!
great post!

new follower!

i'm having a giveaway, come and check it out! :)

aly7 said...

Wow, that design looks amazing! You're really talented ;-) I'm not sure what a good price would be, the cheaper the better - more people will buy them that way!

Found you through the I Love my Post bloghop!

Janey said...

That is a great design! I think the best way to charge would be maybe to think about how many hours it would take you to complete the job, and then think about how much you might like to charge per hour. If it took you five hours (I have no idea how accurate that is), then maybe £5 per hour to make it £25?

I'm not sure if that sounds right, but it's worth thinking about that way :)

(I also found you through the I Love my Post bloghop!)

Janey x

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