Sunday, 30 September 2012



What a week. Actually scratch that. Three weeks. This semester has been beyond hectic and its still not over! I spent the last week working on finishing my short film, learning theatre lines, working on another film for a doomed group project, going to classes every day, and trying to fit a billion other things into my days.

Good news, my film is finished! And I'm very happy with it! I may d├ębut it here later on in the week if you guys are interested...

Also it is officially spring here in New Zealand, the sun is shining and the days are longer which is fantastic! I wore a dress with no tights for the first time in ages. I'm also weaning myself off using my hot water bottle, which I love even when its hot.

Bad news. I'm exhausted. I keep sleeping through my alarms because it has just been non-stop around here. That being said, there is only three weeks of uni left for me (EVER) and I cannot wait! I'm also slightly terrified, real world and all that. But if I had to do this for any longer I would drop. So "three more weeks, three more weeks" has been my mantra lately, and I'm on constant countdown mode.

(This? YES!)

So if I'm a tiny bit absent around here (as in not posting every day) this is why. 3 more weeks people!
I'm off to re-read Harry Potter for the billionth time (not exaggerating) and have a cup of tea or twelve. Here's to the new week loves, enjoy it for me!


Cocalores said...

Three more weeks? That's doable! Enjoy them, even if they are hectic!

JKT said...

Three more weeks! You've got this :)

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