Saturday, 22 September 2012

Design Creations

First off I want to say thanks to everyone who left me a sweet comment and good luck about my interview with Disney! You guys are so fantastic and definitely made me feel better :)

So now onto today's post. I have been on a designing mission lately. I spend all my free time, and some of my study time, with Photoshop open, creating different Blog Designs. Mostly I have just done premade headers and things like that, but I am super excited about them, and I think its time to expand my horizons a little and offer my services.

Obviously I designed my own layout, old and the current one. And I have designed a few of my friends layouts as well. So here we go!

Old Design

Current Deisgn

and my most recent design... Lauren at Here I Am

I highly suggest you visit each blog live, not only do the designs look better that way, but these girls are my real life friends and their blogs are great! Go say hi!

If you are interested in getting a blog revamp, and have been looking around for a cheap designer... Let me do you one better. How about free? Yes? Good. At the moment I am testing the waters. I would love to work with you and help you get the look for your blog that you want, and for a little while I am going to do it for free :D And becuase its free, if you change your mind, you do not have to keep it! I can even design a few headers just for you to have a look at before you decide. Its entirely flexible at this stage.

You can either get bits and pieces or a full design that includes:
  • Header
  • Side Intro
  • Tab Buttons
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Blog Buttons in Multiple Sizes
  • Cohesive Colour Scheme and Fonts
I usually start with the header, and I have a few pre-made ones that, if you like one, can be changed and adapted to fit your wants, then will no longer be available for anyone else. Just for you! Here are a few I have right now...

So if you are interested, send me an email at sinead (dot) elle (at) and I will get to work designing my lil butt off for you ladies!

all designs are property of


SarahJane Miller said...

This is exciting! I am going to email you right now! :)

Makayela Miller said...

I just sent you an email.!

Ali ♥ said...

You are on talented lady! Emailing you now!:)

Mish said...

I really like your layout and some of the other things you've done. What do you use to make them? I'd email you saying please give my blog a makeover but I'm not even sure what I'd want myself yet xD

Rachel McDonald said...

i like the third one down of the 'blog name' ones. i kinda want it. but then my blog would look weird. but can i bags it? unless one of the lovelies above has already.
don't actually know what the f i would change my blog to look like, but i'm sure we could figure something out. :D haha

Cocalores said...

That's so cool of you! Who'd give away their services for free? Yeah you!

Nikki said...

These are super cute & different. I usually sit around with photoshop open too haha. I would love if you swing by & link up this post to my Saturday blog hop. I hope you have a great weekend!


Vic said...

If I hadn't just re-done my blog I would definitely have taken you up on this! So lovely that you're offering this for free!

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

When I clicked on your page & thought to myself I like her already because I loved your layout. And then I scroll to find out YOU made it. Yep you are pretty awesome. I am in the midst of having mine done but I am keeping you for future reference!! Excited to be your newest follower from the hop!

Jelli said...

Hi Sinead, I love your new design! It's so happy and inviting. I'm now following you from the hop, and I'd love to take you up on this offer! I could definitely use a colorful new design.

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