Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Pay It Forward...

**If you haven't seen the movie this post is named after, then as soon as you are done reading this you have to go watch it! I cry EVERY time!**

I just want to quickley apologise for being so absent lately! I am so frantically busy with Uni work that I have had no time to even think! My craziest assignment is due friday so I will be back and better than ever after that!! Tomorrow I'm thinking of posting a few bits and pieces of my Uni assignments and work (which as a Screen Media and Theatre kid can get quite interesting!)

This is the part of blogging that I love, apart from documenting my life, meeting other bloggers and introducing other bloggers to you guys! Which is what I am here to do today for my July Sponsors (yea I know, I'm late) ... I have some fabulous medium sponsors to introduce to you today! These girls are gorgeous, hilarious, interesting and honest and you should definitely check them out!!

Sarah from Weary Shoes

Miranda from All Things Lovely

Meg from Moments Like This
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Nikki from My Life My Way
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Kate from Classy Living
Blog    Pinterest

Tiffany from The Momma Bear Diaries
Blog    Twitter    Pinterest    Business

Melissa from Beautifully Quirky
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Have a look at their fab blogs. Trust me!

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Mindy Harris said...

found you through the my beautiful, crazy life blog hop and now follow!

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