Wednesday, 7 August 2013



So when I last posted I was sitting in LAX airport having a cry on the phone to my mum. Let's re-cap a little bit shall we.

We left Auckland at 9:30pm on Saturday 3rd. I got a little emotional saying goodbye to everyone, but I did better than I thought I would. Nothing too dramatic, it still hadn't quite hit me that I was really leaving.

The flight was pretty horrible. We were surrounded by about 6 screaming children which was totally fun. We left at night as well, so I was too tired to watch a movie, I watched some episodes of The Carrie Diaries, but not tired enough to sleep. So I was awake for the whole 12 hour flight.

Obviously from my last, somewhat emotionally fueled post, I did not enjoy LAX, mainly because I was tired and somewhat terrified. I couldn't really enjoy the fact that I was in America for the first time as I was a walking zombie. 

But never-the-less we made it through security and found our way to our next terminal, with the help of about ten people along the way. Then was the remainder of our 7 hour wait at the airport, before boarding a smaller plane to Orlando!

I once again did not manage to sleep on the flight (anyone else see a pattern forming?) so instead entertained myself by watching the in flight movie Epic. Because it was smaller plane this time we were able to see out the window, even from the aisle seat and we could see all of the lights of the cities we were flying over which was really cool. Except we had no way of telling where we were flying over.

We arrived in Orlando at about 5:30am on Sunday morning, we then spent about two hours sitting in the transport lobby with two other Disney programmers, an Aussie guy called Josh and another kiwi girl who had been on our flight, trying to figure out how we were going to get to our hotels, when none of the shuttle stands were open. In the end Rachel and I shared a taxi with Josh, whose hotel was near ours. It was pretty expensive, and we had to figure out tipping for the first time which was scary! 

We got to our hotel and met up with Ainslie who we were sharing a room with. She had been there the night before so she had to check out of that room at 11am, and we weren't able to check into our next one till 2pm. So after a quick shower and a walk across the road to McDonalds we checked our of the first room, and proceeded to sit in the lobby of the hotel until our next room was ready. Needless to say, they sped up the cleaning process for us (mainly I think to get the sleeping randoms to get off their couches) and we were sleeping by about 1:30pm. I slept for a coupld of hours which was the first sleep I had had since leaving New Zealand, then we spent the night relaxing, catchin up on internet life, and watching True Blood on HBO (which is a novelty for us).

I was up at 5am on Monday morning thanks to jet lag and crazy time zones, but it didn't really matter as we had Disney check-in to look forward to!! We helped ourselves to the hotels free breakfast, where I munched down some bagels, and called a taxi to take us to The Commons for check-in. It was late, which made for a stressful trip, but after a while we made it to check-in!

But I think I will save that for my next post.
This is so strange, but this is my life now!


Anonymous said...

Yay! So happy you finally reached Disney!! Woo!! I miss you crazy, but I am pretty excited to hear and see more adventures unfolding for you! Lame about the flying, but I totally understand what it is like. Love you lots and lots xx

Lindsey said...

Welcome to the States. My family and I are going to Disney in December!

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