Sunday, 18 March 2012

Taylor Swift!!

Wow wow wow! Friday night I spent around 4 hours at Vector Arena being squashed and bombarded by screaming fans as I witnessed one of THE BEST concerts I have ever been to! Taylor's show was amazing! It was so detailed with extravagant sets, costume changes, and dancers let alone Taylor herself! It was mind blowing!

My friends and I started quite far back as we got there just before Hot Chelle Ray began playing, and somehow by halfway through Taylor's performance we were at the front!! Taylor was right in front of us and it was amazing! She is so cute and she sounded incredible live! It was quite difficult to take good photos as there were so many people in the crowd that there was constant movement, but here are some of the photos I managed to get!

Waiting for Hot Chelle Ray to come on!

This is how far back we started!

It was very hard to get good photos of these guys as they moved heaps, but they were fantastic!

Taylor started the show by singing Sparks Fly, look at the incredible set!
Still quite far back, but look how cool it is!

She was so shocked at how many fans she had in NZ!

Wardrobe change!, She came out playing her banjo for Mean

Very cool 'front porch' type set up for the more country songs

When she played Back To Decemeber 'snow' confetti fell from the roof!

A huge bridge was added for a few songs

At this point we were way closer! She played Better Than Revenge which was awesome!

This is probably my fav photo I took!

See how close we are now!!

Sparkly guitar!

She played Long Live as her 'closing' number

This is what some people thought was the end of her show. ENCORE!

She then came back and played Safe and Sound and Love Story for her encore. 

Unfortunately for me my camera ran out of battery towards the end so I didn't manage to get photos of her singing Love Story but it was so cool!! She got into a little balcony and flew around the entire arena so all the people in the stands got a close up view of her! She is actually amazing, and so beautiful live!!

Well that is all for now! I told you I would bombard you :D I hope you like my photos! And please don't steal them, I worked hard for these haha. If you are going to use them, give me credit :)


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